Documents & Papers: Community Service

Andrew Williams, Olivier Hainaut, Angel Otarola, Gie Han Tan, Andrew Biggs, Neil Phillips, Giuliana Rotola, 2021, A report to ESO Council on the impact of Satellite Constellations, arXiv 2108.03999

Dark and Quite Skies for Science and Society Workshop #2 3-7 Oct. 2021. A. Otarola served as member of the Satellite Observations Sub-Group, participated actively in the preparation of a document summarizing results on the effects of LEO satellite trails in astronomical science images, and delivered a presentation entitled Impact of LEO Satellite Trails on Large Field Of View Telescopes.

Recommendations to Keep Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society. 8 Jan 2021. Summary of recommendations for the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, Fifty-Eighth session, of the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (United Nations General Assembly). Document based on the works presented at the Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society workshop.

Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society: Report and Recommendations 29 Dec. 2020 (A. Otarola served as Chair of the LEO Satellites Observations Working Group). As stated in the IAU web-site “This Report is the result of the dedicated effort of more than 85 people who worked in five Working Groups under the coordination of their respective Chairs and co-Chairs. Guidelines were provided by the Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC) that had also the responsibility for the final editing of the document.”

Workshop “Dark and Quiet Skies for Science and Society”, 5-9 Oct 2020. Organized by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and Spain, jointly with the International Astronomical Union. This workshop was hosted online by the Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias. (A. Otarola presented and served as Chair of the LEO Satellites Constellations Observations Working Group).

Astronomy, Technology, Industry: Roadmap for the fostering of Technology Development and Innovation in the Field of Astronomy in Chile. 2011-2012. “This Roadmap Working Group included the participation of officials from CONICYT (Astronomy Program), the Ministry of Economy, Corfo/InnovaChile and international advisers Dr. Gary Sanders (Project Manager for the Thirty Meter Telescope Project, USA) and Dr. Angel Otárola (Scientist at the Thirty Meter Telescope). In addition, the working group membership was complemented by participation of staff from Chile’s National Innovation Council for Competitiveness, and from the Directorate of Energy, Science, Technology and Innovation (DECITY) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Member of the following committees:
* International Astronomical Union, Organizing Committee Member of Inter-Division B-C Commission Protection of Existing and Potential Observatory Sites
* Sociedad Chilena de Astronomía, Grupo de Trabajo para la Contaminación Lumínica (GTCL)
* Sociedad Chilena de Astronomía , Sub-Comité de Radio del GTCL
* Chilean low Earth Orbit satellite (CLEOsat) group